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Which inspection bodies does ICB AG cooperate with?
Only an inspection body that has concluded a cooperation agreement with ICB AG may conduct Bio Suisse inspections.
The inspection body must already possess accreditation according to ISO IEC 17065:2012 and must be included in the list of EU-approved inspection bodies.
A list of the inspection bodies that are currently under contract is available
In which countries may inspection bodies conduct Bio Suisse inspections?
All inspection bodies that have concluded a cooperation agreement with ICB may conduct Bio Suisse inspections in any country or region where they are approved to conduct EU organic or equivalent organic inspections and certifications.
How can an inspection body become a contractual partner of ICB AG?
Further inspection bodies can become contracting partners, but only under certain conditions. Please contact us. We will review your application and send you all necessary documents in the event of a positive decision.
May all inspectors who work for authorized inspection bodies carry out Bio Suisse inspections?
Only inspectors with at least 2 years of experience in conducting organic inspections and who have successfully completed Bio Suisse training are permitted to conduct Bio Suisse inspections.

The inspection body is responsible for training and allocating inspectors. ICB AG provides the training materials. The cooperation agreement specifies requirements for inspectors.
Where and how often do training sessions take place?
ICB regularly conducts training sessions Online in February/March and occasionally offers them in regions where inspection bodies are located.
Where and how often do audits of Bio Suisse inspections take place?
Inspection bodies are regularly audited by ICB AG both at their head offices and while conducting Bio Suisse inspections.
How much does it cost for an inspection body to become authorized to conduct Bio Suisse inspections?
The charges depend on the number of Bio Suisse applications that are submitted to the ICB AG each year. To receive a fee schedule, contact E-mail.
In which languages can one communicate with ICB AG?
In English, French, Italian, Spanish and German. All relevant documents are provided by ICB AG in these languages. Documents required for the certification of operations may be submitted in any of these languages.
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Inspection bodies that have concluded a contract with ICBAG can apply for access to Bio Suisse checklists, the current Inspector Training Course and other information here: E-mail

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