International Certification Bio Suisse AG (ICB AG)

International Certification Bio Suisse AG (ICB AG) is the certification body for products of operations producing outside Switzerland for the Bio Suisse market.

Nine out of ten of these farmers, processors and traders have their raw materials and products certified by ICB AG. The company having its registered office at Basel certifies the following kinds of operations according to Bio Suisse Standards: organic farming, processing, trade, wild collection, beekeeping, mushroom culti- vation and aquaculture.

For these certifications ICB AG has been accredited governmentally by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS).

Do you have an operation outside of Switzerland and wish to trade your products in Switzerland as BIOSUISSE ORGANIC?

Are you an importer based in Switzerland or Liechtenstein and wish to import organic products under the ‘Bud’ trademark?

Requirements for receiving authorization from ICB AG as an inspection body and for inclusion in the list of inspection bodies.